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The purpose of this Jewish blog is to challenge the claims of Christian missionaries by presenting clear and unambiguous evidence from the Hebrew Scriptures, together with the grammatical analysis of the Hebrew language where necessary, that refutes those claims.

“Jewish Evangelism” is a common term used by Christian missionaries. So, what is “Jewish Evangelism”? “Jewish Evangelism” does not mean that Jews proselytize and try to convert Gentiles to Judaism.  Quite to the contrary, “Jewish Evangelism” is an activity in which some Christian denominations engage, and its purpose is to convert Jews to Christianity.  (Individuals and organizations who engage in such activities should be aware that the God of Israel despises all those who attempt to entice any member of His Chosen People to follow any other god whom their forefathers did not know.  His retribution against the enticers will be merciless.)

Since the goal here is education, there is an opportunity for dialogue under the following conditions:

  1. The communications must be done in a respectful manner and without personal attacks of any kind
  2. The responses to the challenges must be direct and not go off on tangential “rabbit trails” or skirt the issue through ambiguous and irrelevant matters

Noncompliance with these simple requests will give me the option to remove any poster’s comments.

If you encounter any technical issues, such as a missing downloadable article in any one of the posts, or a missing link to a website in any of the respective downloadable pdf-files, or links to websites that are no longer available on the Internet, please advise me via a comment on the particular topic, or via an email.  Thank you in advance for helping to improve this blog.

Uri Yosef